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Adobe FrameMaker v12.0
22 Jan 2014
Adobe FrameMaker v11.0
13 Oct 2011
Adobe FrameMaker v10.0
12 Jan 2011
Adobe FrameMaker v9.0
21 Jan 2009
Adobe FrameMaker v9
14 Nov 2012
Adobe FrameMaker v8.0
6 Mar 2008
Adobe FrameMaker v7.2
31 Jul 2008
Adobe FrameMaker v7.1
27 Apr 2008
Adobe FrameMaker v7.0
1 Jul 2008
Adobe FrameMaker v5.5
26 Jul 2008

What's new

v12.0 [22 Jan 2014]
Out-of-the-box multichannel, multidevice publishing
- Now deliver your content to multiple channels, formats, and screens, from within FrameMaker 12, without having to purchase any other product. Publish to popular output formats like EPUB 3, KF8, MOBI, WebHelp, CHM, and HTML5 with a single click. Define settings once and share them organization-wide. Simultaneously batch-process multiple outputs.
Out-of-the-box support for MathML equations
- Create or edit MathML equations within FrameMaker 12 thanks to native integration with MathFlow Structure and Style editors from Design Science. Import a MathML equation into FrameMaker, as an image, auto-size it, and save its source in the XML file. Render all documents including XML, with embedded MathML equations.
Out-of-the-box integration with Adobe Experience Manager
- Manage content effectively using new native integration with Adobe Experience Manager, formerly known as Adobe CQ. Check out, check in, upload, copy, move, and create files. Get digital asset management metadata support, see version history, show dependents, and more. Customize Adobe Experience Manager by changing preferences.
Customizable user interface for easier navigation and better viewing
- Customize the user interface to match the way you work. Configure it with icons of your choice—large or regular sized, colored or greyscale. Use floating toolbars and control bars, dock your most frequently used dialog boxes for quick access, and create workspaces customized to your workflow.
Simultaneous PDF-based reviews and authoring
- Work more productively by conducting authoring and reviewing in parallel. Edit the source content without waiting for all review comments to come in. Review comments are imported correctly in the modified document as long as the commented content has not changed in the source document.
Content review on the go using mobile devices
- Leverage the powerful PDF-based review workflow even on mobile devices using the mobile Adobe Reader app. Allow your subject matter experts to review content anytime, anywhere on smartphones and tablets. They will be able to make comments in the PDF and these can then be seamlessly imported into the FrameMaker source file.
Smart Catalogs
- Change the way you insert elements of various catalogs such as element, paragraph, and character catalogs. Bring up the new dialog box with a keyboard shortcut. See content even for large catalogs with 10 elements displayed at a time. Search for an element directly, or view a dynamic list of elements based on the filter criteria or context.
Out-of-the-box Dropbox integration
- Work anytime, anywhere, on any machine, and with collaborators across networks. Choose whether to upload dependent files or not. Share documentation easily with subject matter experts and other reviewers, and keep documents automatically updated with review comments.
User-friendly Conditional Text Pod
- Effortlessly use conditional tags for single-sourcing content with an improved, user-friendly Conditional Text Pod. Easily apply or remove multiple conditions. Utilize visual checkmarks to apply conditions or see which conditions have been applied.
Quick Element toolbar for easy insertion of content
- Simply click on icons in the native Quick Element toolbar to insert or wrap content into elements without requiring knowledge of tag names. The toolbar guides you to select valid elements in the XML structure. Build your own toolbar for custom DTDs by mapping different elements to icons in the toolbar.
Expandable DITA map topics for quick viewing of content
- Expand DITA map by resolving each topicref to easily preview the topic content. Open topics individually or all together at one go. Preview nested topics without opening each topic individually. Edit a topic by simply clicking on it, and refresh to see the changes.
Improved white space handling as per XML standards
- Easily work with XML files as white spaces inserted in the XML code view in FrameMaker or any other XML editor are handled as per XML standards. White spaces and spaces for pretty printing are ignored or preserved as appropriate or specified. Specify white spaces to be preserved using the XML:space attribute.
Single click session restore for quick start
- Get back your previous session with just one click. Automatically restore files that were open in the last session, pods and panels in use as well as their location, and the selected authoring view.
Currently Open Files pod for easier file management
- Be more productive when working with multiple files. With the new "Currently Open Files" pod, you can easily see all open files across all views along with the complete file path.. Easily identify and navigate between saved, unsaved, and active files. Save or close multiple files at one go.
QR codes to connect the print and online worlds
- Easily add QR codes to FrameMaker 12 documents and bridge the gap between the print and online worlds. Edit embedded QR codes and preview them in real time. Use them on popular iOS or Android QR Reader apps. Generate QR codes in different sizes.
Conditional tag expressions with nested parentheses support
- Filter content within your document using conditional tag expressions created with an intuitive user interface. Easily build complex expressions with nested parentheses and Boolean operators. The expression is automatically validated as you type. . Name your conditional expressions and save them for future use.
Regular expression support
- Leverage regular expressions to carry out complex searches, or ‘find and replace’ on content in WYSIWYG and Author views. Use any of the three regular expression search engines—Perl, Grep, Egrep, and easily search body text, footnotes, markers, variables, and more. Regular expression search uses the Boost library, with Perl as the default search engine.
Out-of-the-box support for publishing content with DITA OTK
- Do away with the hassle of having to install or integrate DITA OTK to publish DITA content to multiple output formats. Leverage out-of-the-box support for DITA OTK to seamlessly publish content in various formats, including HTML, Microsoft HTML Help (.CHM) and Java Help.
Improved performance
- Launch FrameMaker 12 substantially faster than FrameMaker 11. Open XML documents of different types quicker than ever. Work more productively—benefit from a number of performance enhancements that save you a substantial amount of time when performing routine tasks.

v10.0 [12 Jan 2011]
The new version has:
Standards support for DITA 1.2--Take advantage of comprehensive support for DITA 1.2 elements, and DITA 1.1, including Bookmap, Indexing, and Glossary specifications.
Tools for easy DITA specialization--Easily meet consistency and authoring needs as well as specific output requirements while retaining the advantages of your existing DITA architecture by specializing DITA to create customized information models.
Structured Application Creation Wizard--Benefit from a basic infrastructure for working with structured Adobe® FrameMaker®. With this highly intuitive, UI-based tool, users can start working with structured FrameMaker even if they don’t have any prior knowledge or training.
Filtering by attribute--Take advantage of support for multivalued attributes and the ability to import expressions from one document to another.
Enhanced tag view--Easily view all elements in a collapsible format, even in document view; hide or collapse parent and child elements individually or simultaneously; and search through and open elements, including those that are collapsed.
Text drag and drop and background color--Drag text, elements, and rows and columns from tables and drop them into new documents or applications to save time. Use the Background Color feature to emphasize and highlight important sections of text by adding color to the background, whether for sections of text or paragraphs.
Usability enhancements--Work more efficiently with standards-compliant, prebuilt tools and templates designed for easier authoring. Use utilities like Auto Spell Check, Highlight Support, scrolling for lengthy dialogue, and enhanced Find and Replace to get the job done faster and smarter.
Structured Application Creation Wizard--Benefit from a basic infrastructure for working with structured Adobe® FrameMaker.
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